Tips To Modernize Retail Store Fixtures To Increase Sales

Modern Retail Display Fixtures

When critical areas in your retail store–such as your showroom, storefront, or displays–aren’t bringing in the necessary traffic, this is a sign to upgrade to modern retail fixtures.

Store owners often change their displays and retail fixtures on a timed schedule, seasonally, or to match specific customer demands. However, when that isn’t enough, you may need an innovative and fresh strategy to entice and retain customers.

You can have the best of both worlds by intermingling traditional displays and modern retail fixtures. Our Midland Metal Products team knows that the best modern retail store fixtures make a big difference. So, we’ve put together some great tips to help you attract more customers.

How Do You Know When It’s Time To Modernize Retail Store Fixtures?

Knowing when to upgrade your store displays and fixtures is challenging for many store owners. Working inside the same space every day often gives you tunnel vision. When you’re used to your store’s distinct look, you may have trouble envisioning a new aesthetic.

While you might be familiar with seasonal displays, modern display fixtures are vastly different. Some signs that it’s time to modernize your retail fixtures include:

  • Your merchandise feels lackluster or doesn’t fit: If your current inventory feels unimpressive on your existing fixtures, such as clothing racks, media walls, or pedestals, you might need a fresh take.
  • You’ve wanted to change things: Sometimes, we have an itch to switch things up. Even if you’ve kept your store stock displays the same for years, that doesn’t mean you can’t implement fresh approaches. Just make sure to plan your layout, as this will impact your lighting, fixtures, and overall store presence.
  • You’re already making changes: A significant transition like rebranding or changing stores gives you an excellent opportunity to switch things up. For example, you can incorporate interactive modern display fixtures matching your new logo, image, location, etc.

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Which Fixtures Need To Be Modernized?

Now that you’ve decided to add modern retail fixtures, you’re probably wondering which fixtures you should modernize.

This decision depends upon the retailer you are and the merchandise you sell or want to prioritize. For example, clothing retailers might focus primarily on clothing racks, while electronic retailers will want to prioritize wall displays.

The most important thing, however, is to move away from traditional elements in exchange for modern retail fixtures. While you don’t need to modernize every wall display, shelving unit, or clothing rack, adding little touches here and there goes a long way.

Ways to spruce up traditional displays and fixtures include:

  • Customize your wall displays: Little details like the material you use for your wall displays can impact a customer’s journey. For example, metal shelving evokes a professional attitude, while wood shelving is warm and friendly. For a truly modern touch, however, go for video walls. A simple flat-screen HD display will capture customers’ attention. You can also opt for a curved video wall or interactive touchscreen display.
  • Upgrade your clothing racks: Using clothing racks like a Z-arm can save space while showcasing two clothing styles simultaneously. Besides saving space, different clothing racks like four-arm displays, wall-mounted shelves, and free-standing clothing racks add visual flair.
  • Customized pedestals: Displaying your merchandise in a fun and creative way becomes easy when using customized pedestals. This modern retail display is like a museum exhibit featuring your most exciting inventory. Just like at a museum exhibit, pedestals will catch customers’ eyes and draw them in.

Innovative Store Fixtures and Displays

Besides upgrading traditional store fixtures and displays, you should add exciting, innovative modern retail store fixtures. These features will separate your store or brand from the competition.

Turn visiting your store into less of a chore and more of an experience for customers. Some innovative store fixtures and displays you can utilize include:

  • Display benches, tables, furniture, etc.: You can quickly get in and out of smaller stores. Some major retailers, however, have stores closer to mini-shopping malls. If your store is more extensive, give your customers a chance to rest with display benches, tables, and other furniture. Doing so will allow them to shop longer without growing tired.
  • Incorporate technology: Media walls and wall-mounted kiosks throughout your store are a way to promote your brand and products. You can also display your social media pages for an added flair. Be sure to add technology outside of your store too. Adding mobile ordering and showing your inventory on Google Maps and searches are great marketing avenues.
  • Upgrade your lighting fixtures: Upgrading your lighting is a cost-effective way to enhance your store’s overall appearance. Bright lighting is especially effective for modern retail counters with items like electronics and jewelry.

Lead Your Shoppers Down the Right Path With Appropriate Fixture Designs

When building your new layout, it’s essential to consider your customer’s journey. Some shoppers know precisely the item they need as soon as they enter your store. Other shoppers, however, may have less of an idea of what they need.

You should aim to lead your shoppers down the right path using the correct modern fixture designs. While it might be tempting to add as much modern flair as possible, you also want ample space inside your store that is easy to navigate.

To diversify your options, include collections that naturally blend into the rest of your store and a few that add extra intrigue.

For example, a brightly-lit fixture can highlight a merchandising case from far away. A tall media wall can also entice customers to get closer.

Avoid Building a Monochromatic Display Fixture

Some design trends opt for a monochromatic display fixture or brand. However, while there’s a time and place for an Apple-esque minimalistic design, most retail stores benefit from having exciting colors.

While you don’t have to use every color of the rainbow, incorporating additional and customized colors can direct your customers to critical points of interest and intrigue. For example, cosmetics retailers often use many colors throughout their stores to attract customers.

Adding a splash of color to your media walls or modern retail fixtures will impress your customers. You can also find ways to incorporate your company’s logo into colorful designs throughout your store.

A traditional and cost-effective approach also includes colorful graphics and signage. Be sure to include contrasting colors for a more significant impact. Doing so can help you test drive different colors and logos you want to use before committing to something more permanent.

Consider the Latest Retail Store Fixtures for a Long Run

When implementing your new modern displays or fixtures, you should consider features that will last a long time. Incorporating long-lasting store fixtures will help boost sales while saving you time and money on replacements.

Besides implementing eye-catching modern retail fixtures, you will also want to incorporate fixtures representing your brand and appealing to your customer base. This process means developing a creative and cost-effective strategy unique to your store.

If you constantly need to update your store’s sections, then investing in modular designs can help. These features allow you to update and rotate merchandise and displays easily.
Reskinning, rewrapping, and repainting modular designs can help you adapt to new customer demands.

Consult with a Retail Store Fixture Manufacturer

Upgrading your retail store to include more innovative and modern features can be an exciting challenge. You’ll want to choose fixtures that entice customers while also offering longevity. Be sure all your features adequately reflect your brand.

Consulting with a retail store fixture manufacturer can greatly help draw in more customer traffic and increase sales.

Our team at Midland Metal Products produces the latest, high-quality products. We gladly embrace the newest technology to develop our products efficiently and quickly. For even more modernization ideas, speak with our professional team for extra assistance.

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