Custom Metal Fabrication For The Military & Defense Industry

Midland Metal is proud to be a metal fabricator for government and defense organizations.
We offer many services for military and defense organizations, including defense equipment fabrications, military equipment metal fabrication, and general equipment fabrication.

Our materials include:

  • Aluminum
  • Stainless steel
  • Copper
  • More materials available upon request

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Midland Metal Products provides top-notch military equipment fabrication. At Midland Metal Products, we will assist you with all of your military equipment fabrication needs.

We understand how crucial it is to the nation’s defense that the military has the most up-to-date, reliable technology. With our experienced and knowledgeable team, we will help you get the military-grade equipment you need. Our materials include copper, aluminum, and more, depending on your requirements.

Military Machine and Military Tools We Designed

Military machining requires high-quality materials and excellent craftsmanship. We manufacture parts for various military vehicles and equipment, such as:

  • Military aircraft parts
  • Bomb detection equipment
  • Automotive parts

No matter what type of product you need, we will craft military-grade equipment that will perform flawlessly in the field.

Our team is passionate about helping you and working to exceed your expectations for military manufacturing.

We ensure the final product is superior and aligns with military standards. Military equipment fabrication requires extensive experience and knowledge, so depend on us to assist you in manufacturing what you need.

Metals We Use


We use different types of metals to create equipment and products for the military, such as

  • Titanium

Titanium is excellent for corrosion resistance and is reliable. It finds use in airframes and armors.

  • Carbon steel and stainless steel

Steel is the most common metal for making military products. Carbon steel appears in many bayonets and knives.

  • Aluminum

Aluminum is mainly for CNC machines and is strong, just like steel. It’s an all-purpose metal useful for many applications.

  • Nickel alloys

Nickel alloys are electrical resistant and create high-quality components. Its strength and low expansion under heat make it durable and guaranteed to last.

We also use other types of metal and alloys when producing what you order. Our team will work with you to determine the best material for your needs.

Services We Offer the Military

When we design parts, vehicles, or other equipment for the military, we ensure the process and end product are seamless and of the highest quality. We consider the hardware, materials, coating, and other design aspects essential for the products you need.

Some of our services may include:

Types of Machining Used in Automotive Fabrication

There are several different types of machines used for military equipment fabrication. One of them is called computer numerical control (CNC). The device has excellent precision for creating parts that will work great for military equipment.

CNC machining is mostly for producing military components. Military products should come from the most precise and efficient machine, so CNC is the best choice. Some parts the CNC machine creates are:

  • Flanges
  • Missile components
  • Track hubs
  • Main rotor hubs
  • Helicopter components
  • Aerospace couplers
  • Munition hoist components
  • And more

Using the best machines for defense metal fabrication, we will get you the required high-quality equipment.

Skilled Fabrication Business

At Midland Metal Products, we are a family-run business dedicated to metal fabrication. Working with us, you can expect to get a finished product created from our factory and given directly to you. Aside from fabrication, we also offer various services like digital print, cutting, assembly, and packaging.

We believe in investing in the best technology to save money and work effectively. Our machines are efficient and run the latest software. Don’t rely on used military equipment for needed parts; depend on our skilled team to help you.

Contact Midland Metal Products at 773-927-5700 to discuss your project and schedule an appointment. You can rely on us to develop all the components you require.


Sheet metal fabrication benefits the aircraft industry because it allows for lightweight and sturdy parts and components. The aircraft industry can produce high-quality components that meet stringent safety requirements using sheet metal fabrication techniques. Additionally, sheet metal fabrication can be utilized to create various shapes and sizes, which is advantageous when making different parts of an aircraft.

Bullets are usually made from lead, a soft metal. This makes the bullet deform as it travels through the air, causing it to spread out and become more unstable. This increases the chances that the bullet will hit the target.

The benefits of custom metal fabrication for the defense industry include the ability to quickly create prototypes, reduce weight and save on manufacturing costs.

Custom metal fabrication allows for the quick production of prototypes, which can then be tested for functionality and performance. Additionally, by reducing the weight of components, manufacturers can save on fuel costs associated with transporting equipment. Further, custom metal fabrication can be more cost-effective than traditional manufacturing processes.

To create custom metal fabrication for military applications, our team first assesses the customer’s needs and determines the most effective way to meet those needs. We then develop a rigorously tested prototype to ensure compliance with all required standards. After the customer accepts, we produce a final product that meets or exceeds their expectations.

Some of the key benefits include:

  1. Expertise: A company specializing in metal fabrication for military and defense applications will have expertise in designing, engineering, and manufacturing products that meet the most stringent requirements and the strictest specifications. This level of expertise is essential when producing products that need to function flawlessly under challenging environments and extreme conditions.
  2. Quality: Quality is of utmost importance in critical military and defense applications. A company specializing in custom metal fabrication will have rigorous quality control processes ensuring all products meet or exceed the highest performance, durability, and safety standards.

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