Press Brake Services

A common tool used in fabrication, press brakes are excellent pressing tools used to bend sheet and plate material, which is usually composed of different types of sheet metal. Press brakes work by forming bends through clamping material between a punch and die.
Midland Metal Products offers a wide range of press brakes and fabrication services.

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Do you have metal that needs bending by press brakes? Call (773) 927-5700 to hire skilled press brake services from Midland Metal Products.

Many businesses need custom-designed metal products for displays, advertisements, and billboards. However, creating custom metal pieces is a complex process. To successfully mold metal into specific shapes, designs, or functional elements, experienced technicians use a metal brake for hydraulic press capabilities.

Press brakes shape metal by applying pressure with two mechanisms that create strategic contact points. The upper and lower die mechanisms use equally vital forces on metal pieces. The upper die maintains steady pressure that gives the lower die the ability to shape the metal without scratches, indentations, or imperfections.

If your business requires press brake services, avoid using a manual press brake and call Midland Metal Products for the job. Our experienced press brake technicians understand the technology and equipment used to shape metal without causing imperfections.

With various-sized press brakes, we can handle every type of project. Call Midland Metal Products for press brake services today.

List of Products Designed By Us

At Midland Metal Products, our press brakes can handle various jobs. From designs using thin sheet metal to construction projects requiring thick poles, we can create custom-shaped metal that fits your business needs. We also shape different materials like stainless steel and aluminum.

Metal products we design include:

  • Rails
  • Bars
  • Steel C channels
  • Stainless steel and coated steel angles

These products are necessary for many industries and require press brake services to guarantee safe and effective manufacturing.

Services Under Press Brakes

Aside from press brake services, we also offer metal manufacturing to handle every part of your job. We can also provide laser cutting, welding, turret punching, powder coating, finishing detail work, and much more for any of your metal products. Many businesses requiring press brake services can also benefit from these offerings.

Combining our press brake services with other metalworking services is the best way to complete the job efficiently and effectively. Consider what other services your metal products could benefit from when working with Midland Metal Products.

Application and Industries Served

Utilizing press brake services from Midland Metal Products offers businesses the chance to speed up their supply chain operations while obtaining the necessary components for their products and services. Many industries can benefit from press brake services, but some require them more often.

The hydraulic presses used for press brake services are most common in manufacturing and engineering-based industries. Some of these industries include:

  • Residential and commercial construction
  • Commercial transportation and supply chain operations
  • Aerospace

If you own a business within any of these industries, you’ll likely require press brake services at some point, if not frequently. So when you’re ready to obtain custom-shaped metal parts, call Midland Metal Products for the job.

End-To-End Manufacturing

Working with Midland Metal Products means you’ll receive comprehensive services from start to finish. Whether you bring us a design, need our consultation, or let us take the lead on creating your metal products, our designers and press brake technicians prioritize holistic services.

Throughout the press brake process, we account for every variable that might impact the product. These might include metal thickness, weight, condition, and material. We go above and beyond on every step of the process.

Quality Press Brake Services From Midland Metal Products

Stop looking up “metal press brake services near me” and choose Midland Metal Products today. Our metal press brake services create custom metal pieces, bent and shaped to perfection by only the highest quality equipment. Call (773) 927-5700 to learn more about our press brakes, inquire about our services, or place a work order today!

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