The Importance of Choosing the Right Custom Retail Display Manufacturer

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Every retailer wants their products to attract customers and encourage more purchases. Working with a custom retail display manufacturer for a visually appealing, stable display is a great way to achieve that. A retail display can bring more interest and customers no matter what you sell.

Finding a cost-effective manufacturer to work with may seem difficult, but comparing your options and determining your goals can make the process much easier. Working with the right manufacturer is essential, as you want to put your business’s best foot forward with the perfect retail display.

Learn the benefits of custom retail displays and how to choose the right manufacturer for your company’s needs.

Custom Retail Displays Target Your Audience

With everything from floor displays to count displays, you have many product display options, but how can they help your business? Customization allows for more flexibility and personality than premade, standard designs that don’t truly represent your company or products. A good retail display manufacturer will recognize that and happily meet your needs. 

Here are several ways having custom retail displays can help your business and boost sales:

Encourage Your Customers to Interact

A stunning retail fixture design or display will catch the eyes of prospective customers as they pass by. Colors, images, and text that reflect the product, fit with your business, and appeal to your audience are a win. You could increase the number of sales and impulsive purchases.

Reinforce Your Product Messaging

Reaching customers with product messaging is easier when visuals are involved. You can use the materials of your custom display to your advantage and to send the right message. For example, if you want to sell a specific beverage, you can convey the happiness and relaxation of having the drink with your custom design.

Stand Out with Custom Retail Display

A custom retail display manufacturer will help you stand out from the competition. When generic displays and already-done images fail, your design rises above and provides something unique.

Increase Brand Awareness

Customers that become more familiar with a brand and its products may be more interested in purchasing them. Upon seeing the custom display, they become curious and want to investigate what the brand is all about. If the display is effective enough, it will pull them in and spark interest.

Finding the Right Custom Retail Display Manufacturer

Since custom retail displays greatly impact your business and are an investment, making the best choice is key. Here are several steps to help you find the best custom retail display manufacturer and get displays that yield your desired effects.

Assess Their Capabilities

The most vital thing to consider when finding a manufacturer to produce custom retail fixtures and displays is their limits. Can the manufacturer produce your ideal retail fixture design or display without limitations and achieve everything you need? Consider working with a different business if you feel like their custom retail store fixtures are missing something. Some considerations when researching a manufacturer include:

  • If they can use your brand’s colors and logo in the display
  • If they work with a variety of materials, shapes, and sizes
  • If they have made displays for businesses similar to yours

Browse Their Portfolio

Checking out a portfolio is a good way to understand a manufacturer’s past work and what to expect.

Naturally, they will want to show only their best work, so finding past clients can offer a more well-rounded picture. Seeing the good and bad helps you make a more informed decision and truly understand what you’ll get. Some manufacturers may reflect your style more than others.

Does your prospective manufacturer produce displays that showcase a product’s benefits? You’ll want to think from the perspective of a potential customer and consider whether or not you would purchase based on the display if you were in their shoes. This can help formulate your display.

Consider Price and Materials

Will the manufacturer work with your budget or exceed it? You can ask which materials they use and see if your preferred choice is something they offer. Larger displayers might require stronger materials, while smaller ones could use wood, cardboard, or something else.

You also should ask where the products are made, as this will determine how long it takes to get your displays. If delays occur, how will the manufacturer deal with the situation? A meaningful discussion to clarify these points can go a long way when choosing a manufacturer.

Determine the Types of Custom Retail Displays You Need

Are you looking for one type of retail display or several different ones? You’ll want to verify that your chosen manufacturer can make them and provide custom products. Some common types of custom retail displays to consider are:

  • Counter displays
  • Endcap displays
  • Floor displays
  • Inline displays
  • Pallet displays
  • Sidekick displays

Ask About Assembly, Disassembly, and Shipping

You have several questions to consider about the packaging of your custom display. Will the manufacturer provide one that is easy to assemble and disassemble with simple instructions that everyone can understand? Do they take precautions to ensure the show doesn’t experience damage during shipping or crushing while in the vehicle?

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