Top Reasons To Choose Laser Cutting for Sheet Metal Fabrication

Top Reasons To Choose Laser Cutting for Sheet Metal Fabrication

Sheet metal fabrication requires immense precision and high-quality equipment to guarantee an efficient process. Although fabricators have several sheet metal cutting methods, most recommend laser cutting to ensure the best results. However, many underestimate the benefits of custom laser cutting and don’t understand why it’s the leading fabrication method for slicing sheet metal. That’s why Midland Metal Products put together some prevalent benefits of using laser cutting for sheet metal fabrication and why it’s the preferred method among professionals.

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Five Benefits of Laser Cutting for Sheet Metal Fabrication

It’s no secret that sheet metal is highly robust and can withstand tremendous impacts and abrasions without issue. That’s why most fabricators utilize laser cutting to shape, alter, and manipulate sheet metal without adversely affecting its structure or appearance. 


Below are a few reasons to use laser cutting for sheet metal fabrication.

1. Unrivaled Speed, Efficiency, & Automation

Laser cutting uses a CNC machine featuring a powerful energy beam that cuts through robust sheet metal better than other fabrication methods. It’s the most efficient cutting method and can produce elegant designs in a fraction of the time of different techniques.

To utilize laser cutting, a technician enters the desired design into a CAD program that sends the pattern to the CNC machine. Once the machine processes the information, it automatically cuts the sheet metal until it is identical to the entered design. This makes the process much faster and less strenuous without sacrificing quality. 

Many advanced CNC machines feature multiple lasers that can cut through sheet metal at 20 meters per minute. Some can even generate several designs simultaneously, making the process more time-efficient.

2. Relatively Low Cost

Many believe custom laser cutting costs more than other methods since it utilizes high-tech machinery. However, laser cutting is relatively affordable and often provides superior results.

Since laser cutting doesn’t require a technician to manually manipulate the sheet metal, it doesn’t incur significant labor costs. Technicians simply enter the design into the automated CNC machine and wait until the machine generates the pattern. The machine’s internal computers handle most of the process, allowing workers to focus on other vital projects.

Also, since lasers utilize energy to cut into the sheet metal, they don’t dull over time, diminishing the machine’s maintenance cost. This often results in more affordable prices since companies don’t have to spend excess funds on laser replacements.

3. Quality Precision

Professional laser-cutting machines are precise and can create intricate patterns in tight spaces. They eliminate the possibility of human error and ensure you receive the exact design to a T (as long as the fabricator entered the pattern correctly). 

Additionally, lasers melt sheet metal instead of cutting through it, ensuring unmatched accuracy. They generate smooth, clean edges and curves that are entirely burr-free, giving you an immaculate final product you can cherish.

Many metal fabrication clients request complicated custom designs and patterns that other cutting methods can’t generate accurately. Some ask for small, detailed etching or engraving on minuscule objects without room for error. 

Laser cutting allows technicians to complete these tasks with unmatched precision and accuracy by entering the precise measurements into a machine that handles the process. This ensures customers receive exactly what they want without minor blemishes tainting the final product.

The sheet metal’s thickness can sometimes affect the laser’s cutting capabilities. Lasers have a harder time cutting through overly thick sheet metal and can leave behind dross. Avoid cutting exceedingly dense sheet metal with lasers to ensure high-quality results.

4. High Versatility

Custom laser cutting is highly versatile and can handle nearly any fabrication project. It’s excellent for numerous tasks and can produce exceptional products faster and more efficiently than other popular methods. The laser can generate clean cuts on various metal varieties, including:

  • Stainless steel
  • Copper
  • Aluminum
  • Lead
  • Titanium
  • Brass
  • And more!

First-class lasers can also generate nearly any design relatively quickly. They can develop everything from large, complex patterns to small, detailed designs with superior precision. Lasers can even create holes, tabs, and slots without interrupting fabrication, giving you an extraordinary final product without delay.

Many industries utilize laser cutting to develop their products and ensure pinpoint accuracy. The automotive industry, electronic manufacturers, and more use laser cutting, making it one of the most versatile fabrication methods.

5. High-Quality

Every client wants a top-quality final product when they utilize a metal fabrication service. Although water jet and manual metal fabrication typically provide first-class results, laser cutting’s outstanding accuracy, speed, and efficiency often lead to superior outcomes. 

Laser cutting utilizes sophisticated software and automation that enhances its design flexibility, enabling it to precisely develop complex designs, shapes, and patterns. It is exceptionally accurate and can create detailed designs in small areas that other cutting methods can’t generate. Lasers can cut through metals of all shapes and sizes without error, making them ideal for nearly any fabrication project.

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