The Benefits of Metal Stamping in Commercial Lighting

Metal Stamping in Commercial Lighting

Beautifully constructed lighting designs transform commercial spaces immediately. With the proper lighting, your business may operate more effectively. Employees entrenched in dark lighting or clients overwhelmed by bright lighting present severe issues for your business. Professional metal fabricators offer metal stamping services.

The benefits of metal stamping in commercial lighting industries include improved visibility, reduced costs, and increased productivity of employees. Commercial lighting fixtures and needs greatly vary; however, entrusting the most skilled metal fabrication manufacturer ensures your business receives the illumination it needs to be successful.

What is Metal Stamping?

Metal stamping refers to converting flat metal sheets into various shapes and sizes. Metal stamping in lighting designs uses pinpoint accuracy to create the fixtures utilized in commercial lighting. The equipment used to perform metal stamping includes wire EDM, laser cutting, and press brakes. These techniques improve commercial and industrial LED lighting and architectural light designs by creating components that function exactly as a business needs.

The history of metal stamping dates back to the 7th Century BC. Early innovators of metal stamping used a screw press, requiring the strength of 12 men to supply enough pressure to form metal surfaces. Screw-pressing metal soon replaced steam-powered presses, which persisted until the beginning of the Industrial Era. Today’s metal stamping technologies utilize electric motors and flywheels.

The evolution of metal stamping technology continues today. Industries utilize emerging technologies such as advanced CAD software programs and hyper-focused laser cutting services. As the demand for commercial lighting grows, developments in metal stamping technologies will continue improving.

Metal Stamping Examples

Electronic, military, and healthcare industries trust metal stamping to complete high-precision fabrication services efficiently. The equipment these sectors use is vital to saving and protecting lives, so metal stamping ensures that every part is up to the task. You can find examples of metal stamping everywhere you turn.

Similarly, light fixtures require immense attention to detail to comply with The Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s (OSHA) lighting standards and provide customers and employees adequate visibility. Flimsy components would result in poor lighting that could be dangerous.

Other examples of components fabricated by metal stamping include:

  • Automotive bearings
  • Appliances
  • Electrical mechanisms
  • Aerospace systems
  • Soda cans
  • Medical instruments
  • Jewelry
  • Ammunition

The list of materials improved by metal stamping extends endlessly. The efficiency, high-volume output, and cost-effective qualities of metal stamping have long proven essential. Businesses requiring thousands, or even millions of minuscule parts, rely increasingly on fabrications created from metal stamping.

Benefits of Metal Stamping in Commercial Lighting

The benefits of metal stamping in commercial lighting include:

Fast Results

Thanks to advancements in computer software and computer-learning technologies, customers receive metal stamping orders faster than ever before. For industries like hospitals requiring professional-grade lighting to perform intricate procedures, timely completion of metal stamping proves paramount. Improved efficiency of metal stamping practices enables business owners to spend less time worrying about light fixtures and more time serving their customers.

Low Cost

Industries that require extensive lighting, like hospitals and schools, understandably pursue any opportunity to save their limited funds. Metal stamping provides high-quality results without costing business owners unreasonable amounts of money. Automation, low labor costs, and increased production outputs allow metal stamping operations to offer the lowest price possible for customers.

Precise Outcomes

Computer-Aided Design software, or CAD, completely transformed the metal stamping industry. Trained professionals utilize CAD software to render 2D and 3D models of metal stamping projects to ensure the precision of every detail. Companies seeking upgraded lighting fixtures can view their projects using the Autocad and Solidworks programs before production begins. They can collaborate with the manufacturer to ensure that the final product looks and functions exactly as needed.


The components of light fixtures vary significantly in size, shape, and design. Metal stamping provides countless measurements, dimensions, and specifications to meet customers’ needs. Those searching stores fruitlessly for specialized parts for their lighting systems often find metal stamping a one-stop shop. Lighting components constructed by metal stamping include:

  • Brackets
  • Clips
  • Springs
  • Mounts
  • Junction Boxes
  • Lenses
  • Trim

Successfully crafting the unique sizes and shapes of light fixture components requires expertise and exact execution. Expert technicians have trained for years to develop the skills necessary to provide quality metal stamping services. Metal stamping techniques produce precise results efficiently and affordably, meeting every specification.

How To Choose The Right Metal Stamping Company For Your Needs

Choosing the right metal stamping company for your business requires a thorough understanding of your industry’s lighting requirements. OSHA requires specific light requirements to be met by all industries. The “foot-candle” refers to OSHA’s preferred unit of measuring light distribution. One foot-candle describes the illuminance of one square-foot surface from a singular light source.

Depending on the industry, foot-candle requirements vary. For example, hospital examination rooms may require 150 foot-candles, while general examination rooms require only 50 foot-candles. Understanding the state foot-candle requirements allows business owners to order light fixture components accurately.

Be sure the metal stamping company hired wields years of experience in the field and can meet your business’s OSHA requirements. Hastily constructed light fixture components compromise the safety of those entering your business.

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