Metal Fabrication for Architects: Enhancing The Design of Your Project

architectural metal fabrication

Several types of metal may be used as the core of a building’s structure. For example, using steel beams provides strength and durability, and their recyclability makes them an optimal choice for sustainable construction. 

But steel and other common types of metal can also enhance architecture with their aesthetic value. Whether sculpted into visually pleasing decorative components or adding texture and interest to the interior and exterior of a building, metal brings your entire project together from the inside out.

At Midland Metal Products, we’re experts at metal fabrication design. We provide custom architectural metal fabrication for both residential and commercial projects. No matter how simple or intricate the design, our in-house team of metal fabricators delivers the highest quality product completed precisely to your qualifications. 

Architectural Metal Fabrication Options

Advancements in metal manufacturing and fabrication technologies make creating custom metal fabrications easier. Adding fabricated metal elements to a home or commercial space opens the door to incorporating beautiful, unique elements that offer longevity and functionality. Some of the options for custom metal fabrication include the following.

Wall Panels and Countertops

Custom metal wall panels can be used for various purposes in a home or commercial space. Metal wall panels can be used for room dividers, screens, and sound dampening and offer a perfect way to cover exposed pipes or unsightly wires.

A fabricated metal-clad countertop, bar top, or desktop adds a hint of modernity to any home or commercial space, and the options for customization are only limited to your imagination. 

Signage and Ornamentation

If you want to design a strong and modern elevator lobby or reception area, sleek metal accents help achieve the feel you’re looking for. Add ornate custom gates and other enclosures if you’re creating an elegant, traditional environment for your client’s elevator lobby. 

Custom exterior signage made of metal provides a durable way to draw people toward a business. At the same time, interior wayfinding signs combine style with function as they guide customers to their destinations. 

Railings and Fences

Consider custom railings or fences if you want to add style and curb appeal to a home or office design. Improving safety and aesthetic appeal, including fabricated metal touches to outside enclosures or railings, will add a dramatic touch to your architectural design. 

Ceiling Grids

Ceiling grids add a modern decorative element to any client’s space at an affordable cost. Our in-house designers can help you create a custom grid to bring a boring ceiling to life using durable metal materials. Selecting a coated metal adds color and texture without the hassle of paint, and you can choose one or several ceiling grids for the selected space according to the architectural and decor style.   

When you’re ready to explore custom architectural metal fabrication options for a project, there’s more to it than simply defining a theme. Below, we’ve compiled some aspects to consider as you embark on your project.

Specify the Exact Material to Be Used

Because of their versatility makes, steel, aluminum, copper, bronze, and brass are popular for architectural metal fabrication design. These metals may be used alone or together to create designs that add to the beauty and interest of the space while also serving as a vital piece of the building structure. 

As metalworking technologies advance, designers may use tools like 3D printers to create casting molds for metal pieces or may even use 3D metal printing for constructing more intricate, unique metal designs.  

Because material options vary greatly, you need to work with your metal fabrication provider to ensure you’re both on the same page with your vision for the project. Specifying the exact metal you want for your fabrication design helps keep the process on track within the project’s budget and requirements. 

Find the Perfect Material for Your Project

Of course, communicating your choices with your metal fabricator is one thing, but picking out the right material is another. You want a metal with longevity and durability that fits your artistic vision. The location of the fabricated pieces also affects what type of metal is used, as exterior pieces have different requirements than interior ones. 

Finding the perfect material also includes finding a metal that fits within the project budget while meeting the other criteria for construction. Fortunately, various metals are available to fit the budget and the visual effect you aim for. 

The final step in finding the perfect material is choosing finishing options according to your design. Metal finishing improves the piece’s functionality, making it stronger, more heat resistant, and less prone to corrosion. Metal finishes add the final touches to your architectural design with color, texture, and shine.

Specify Cosmetic Requirements As Needed

Since architectural metal fabrication often serves the dual purpose of being both functional and decorative, it’s important to work with metal fabrication designers to ensure that the piece meets the cosmetic requirements of your design. Every successful metal fabrication project needs a detailed plan to ensure the design requirements match the finished product. 

When thinking about the exterior of the building, consider if a metal roof or exterior cladding enhances its appeal. Do the materials chosen complement the overall design and surrounding environment? Do the colors and textures work together or fight for visual dominance?

Inside the building, keep in mind that while intricate designs typically look beautiful, sometimes simplicity is key. Use custom metal fabrication to improve future employee and visitor experiences and boost the visual impact of the client’s brand. Custom signage, unique fixtures, or interesting sculptures may be used to contribute to the brand’s visibility, featuring the client’s company’s colors and logo elements. 

Make Sure You Pick the Right Service Provider

When selecting your metal fabrication provider, look for a company with proven expertise and high-quality work. Check their portfolio, and even visit the buildings that showcase their work. Read reviews to determine if they’re reliable, knowledgeable, and provide excellent customer service. 

Because custom metal work requires several steps before the fabrication, choose a company with a comprehensive in-house team and process that may include the following.


The first step is for your fabrication provider to understand the project and your vision for the outcome. This includes design objectives (is the design structural, aesthetic, or both) and aesthetic goals (color, finishes, and intricacy of the design). The consultation is where you and the provider decide if you’re a good fit to work together through the process and determine budget and timeline requirements.  

Estimating and CAD Drawings

After your consultation, the designers begin work on drawings and an estimate for the fabrication project. They often offer options within the project budget, which is the time to decide on a final design. The design is transformed into computer-aided drafting (CAD) drawings and given to you for approval. This is a vital step, as the CAD drawings contain the measurements used during fabrication.  

A successful project outcome depends on your partnership with your metal fabrication provider. For the best in architectural metal design and fabrication, choose a company with an excellent track record and a stellar local reputation.  

The Metal Fabricator Needs to Be a Part of the Initial Process

After choosing the metal fabricator, engaging them in the design process from the beginning is essential. Suppose they’re part of a team that helps create your custom metal project from the beginning. In that case, they can offer feedback on your design and materials and suggestions for any final design modifications.

If you’re new to the world of architectural metal fabrication, rely on your fabricator’s skills, professional experience, and overall expertise. They’re trained and familiar with the metals you’ve chosen and how to utilize them best to bring your architectural design to life. 

Midland Metal Products | Experts in Architectural Metal Fabrication

At Midland Metal Products, we pride ourselves on our reputation for premium architectural metal fabrication design services. No matter how simple or complex the project is, our knowledgeable and skillful staff of designers, fabricators, and technicians always provide long-lasting, high-quality results. 

We utilize the latest in metal fabrication machinery and software to provide architectural projects with a visually appealing product that will last. From small metal pieces to large-scale designs, our team works with you to tailor the perfect metal fabrication solution to fit your design.

Midland Metal Products serves clients in Hammond, IN, and beyond, managing every project in-house. This approach allows us to have control of the fabrication process from start to finish, ensuring that the result turns out according to your specifications. 

Regardless of the construction project size, the professionals at Midland Metal Projects are ready to help you transform the look and feel of any building, both inside and out. Call us today at 773-927-5700 to schedule a consultation. 

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