How to Raise Overall Value with Custom Metal Fabrication Techniques

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Undoubtedly, custom metal fabrication techniques can add significant value to your products, but does it really raise overall product value? Does custom metal fabrication make you more money in the long run?

Let’s take a closer look at this to see the benefits custom metal fabrication has on product value.

What Is Custom Metal Fabrication?

Metal fabrication is the process of taking raw materials and turning them into finished products. Metal fabricators can provide valuable services ranging from welding and assembly to machining and coating. Metal fabricators work with various materials, including steel, aluminum, copper, and brass.

In addition to manufacturing these materials into new products, metal fabricators also repair damaged items by removing old components and replacing them with new ones.

You can employ custom metal fabrication for several purposes. For example, you can use it to create a new part for an existing machine or machine part or create new furniture for your home or office space. The possibilities are endless.

Identifying the Design Intent for Custom Fabrication

Whether it’s a custom metal fabrication project or any other product manufacturing, the first step is always to clarify the design intent.

The design intent is your vision for the product, and it’s critical to know what that is before you start making anything. For example, if you want your custom metal fabrication techniques on copper but decide halfway through the process that you actually want it on steel, it will be much more expensive to change course at that point.

To get a good idea of what your design intent for custom fabrication is, ask yourself these questions:

  • What do I want my result to look like?
  • What materials do I want it to consist of?
  • Do I want it powder-coating?
  • How big or heavy should my product be?
  • How much detail should the final product have?
  • What color scheme should the final product use?
  • What kind of shape does my finished piece need to be?
  • How many different components will my end product have?
  • What kind of budget do I have for this project?

Bending and Cutting Metal

Metal bending and cutting are great for adding value to your metal fabrication.

You can go about this two ways: pre-cut or custom-bent pieces:

If you go the pre-cut route, ensure your metal is cut accurately, with no sloppiness or unevenness. It’s also vital that your cuts are clean so that when they’re combined later on, there are no edges that could cause problems later on.

If you offer custom bending services, it’s just as essential that your cuts are clean because they must be cleaned up before bending takes place. In addition, cleaning up cuts by hand is an excellent way to get an idea of how much material you have wasted during production (especially if you’re using a laser cutter).

Capabilities for Personalized Welding and Assembly

Every client is different, and this means that every project is different. Similarly, metal fabrication businesses can offer a wide range of welding and assembly capabilities designed to fit their needs.

Some of these capabilities include:

  • CNC machining, including turning, milling, drilling, and boring
  • Material handling equipment design and installation

Adding Value with Skilled Finishing

Skilled finishing is a custom metal fabrication technique that allows you to add value to your products. It involves the use of specialized equipment. Furthermore, finishing services include painting, plating, or powder coating to remove any imperfections from the material. You can use this process on all types of metal, including steel, aluminum, brass, and copper.

The benefits of skilled finishing include:

  • Increased quality and value for your product
  • Better durability and functionality
  • Improved aesthetic value

Skilled finishing can help increase the value of your products by making them look more attractive. It also helps reduce wear and tear on certain parts, which means they will last longer. This can make selling your products at a higher price easier than if they didn’t have skilled finishing applied.

Reasons Why You Should Invest in Custom Metal Fabrication Techniques with Midland Metal Products

Since metal fabrication often involves creating custom metal fabrication techniques, it’s essential to work with a company that understands the needs of its customers. When you choose our experts at Midland Metal Products, you will work with an experienced team that has provided quality services since 1923.

We are famous for our expertise in industrial metal fabrication and personalization services like laser engraving or powder coating for increased value on your product line.

In addition, we guarantee you the following benefits:

High-Quality Workmanship

When you choose our team at Midland Metal Products for custom metal fabrication, you can be confident that we’ll treat your project as our own. That means we will do everything in our power to ensure it comes out exactly how you want it — and that’s not just because we care about you as a customer. It’s because we care about the quality of our workmanship and pride ourselves on ensuring that every product we produce is made to last.

Excellent Customer Service

At Midland Metal Products, we are committed to providing excellent customer service and have the track record to prove it. We are proud of our reputation for going above and beyond for our customers. Whether it is providing a new quote within 24 hours or answering questions at any time, we are always available to help you complete your custom metal fabrication project.

Fast Lead Times

With Midland Metal Products, you’ll get fast lead times. We know that when you need something done quickly, you want it done right away. That’s why we offer impressive turnaround times.

We can typically complete your custom metal fabrication project within a week or two of receiving your order.

Quick Turnaround Times

We pride ourselves on our ability to use custom metal fabrication techniques and do the job quickly and efficiently. We know that when you need something fast, it’s essential to count on your supplier. That’s why we commit to doing your custom metal fabrication jobs right the first time, every time, even on short notice.

If you’re looking for a source that can provide fast turnaround times without sacrificing quality, look no further than Midland Metal Products!

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Do you need high-quality custom metal fabrication? Our team at Midland Metal Products has provided commercial and residential customers with the best quality custom metal fabrication services since 1923. As a result, many industries have used our products, including food service, automotive, manufacturing, oil and gas, and aerospace.

Our experienced team will work with you to ensure we build your product line using the best quality materials and techniques available. We offer a wide range of services, including:

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  • Tooling fabrication
  • Welding services

When you need custom metal fabrication techniques for your business or personal projects, you can trust our experienced and skilled experts at Midland Metal Products! Call us at 773-927-5700 to schedule a free consultation and learn more about increasing value with custom metal fabrication.

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