Desirable custom furniture personalized for your home or business

Custom Furniture Personalized For Your Home Or Business

In the past, custom metal furniture was considered a utilitarian style. Now, there’s a resurgence in popularity as homeowners and business owners chase the durability and cleanability custom metal furniture brings. At Midland Metal Products, we specialize in wire, sheet metal, and tube production. As a family-run business established in 1923, we have the resources to create and ship custom metal furniture — personalized to your needs — directly to you.

Our Custom Furniture Builds

Custom furniture refers to pieces craftsmen build based on a customer’s unique specifications. Color, material types, finish, design — you’re in control of what you want your finished piece to look like. It’s proving to be more popular than ever, with more people seeking something truly unique and nothing off the shelf.

With custom furniture, you can be sure you have a piece crafted just for you. Although there’s nothing wrong with mass-produced furniture, you can’t put a price on unique craftsmanship and furniture that’s one-of-a-kind.

Here’s a look at our wide range of custom metal furniture that will feel at home in your abode or business.

Custom Metal Bases for Tables

Leave wooden bases for tables in the past. A custom metal table base will add that all-important touch of class to your interior, whether it’s at home or your business. The durable and striking design our expert craftsmen create will demand attention as soon as someone walks through the doors.

A coffee table in the living room, a dining table with a metal base in the dining room or a long bench with metal table legs in your business’ canteen — these custom metal table bases can bring an entire home together.

Custom Metal Chairs

Custom-made chairs are durable and easy to clean, but they bring a lot more to the table. Our craftsmen have experience in custom-made metal dining chairs that are functional and stylish. Plus, if you need something a little more out of the box, you can opt for natural colors, although metal chairs suit any kind of décor.

With a custom metal chair, such as a high back metal chair, from Midland Metal Products, we’ll customize and craft beautiful metal chairs that instantly become the center of attention in your dining room. Whether you want to play it safe and maintain the natural metal finish or take a leap of faith with custom color variations, you can be sure the custom metal chair we craft will be catered to your bespoke requirements.

Plus, custom metal chairs can withstand years of use, so it’s a worthwhile investment. They’re long-lasting, easy to clean and maintain, and with the seals, durability shouldn’t even be a concern for custom metal chairs.

Personalized Metal Frames for Mirror

Nothing screams urban chic more than a metal-framed mirror. It’s commonplace to see this style of personalized metal frames for mirrors in today’s modern homes, as they’re versatile and work in several settings, ranging from contemporary homes to mid-century cottages. Our craftsmen can guarantee the beauty of your mirror with a metal or aluminum framed mirror to contrast beautifully with your mirror glass — leaving you with an attention-demanding focal point.

Mirrors with a custom metal frame also work in any setting, especially in homes taking inspiration from modern industrial trends. In the hallway, your bedroom, or your bathroom, a metal-framed mirror gives you the personal touch you’ve been searching for. Metal framed mirrors also work in any room, making decorating easy as they can be feature pieces or decorative. Either way, they’re timeless in design and the metal finish enhances the long-lasting impression on any interior.

With technology advancements and our product development capabilities at Midland Metal Products, our craftsmen can create the personalized metal-framed mirror of your dreams.

Custom Coffee Table

Understated and underrated, the coffee table is arguably the most valuable, most used, and overlooked furniture piece in any home. They’re more than simply a small dining table and deserve just as much of your attention. Ready to level up your coffee table game? Opt for a custom metal coffee table with a metal top.

Like any metal table, a custom metal coffee table draws in the eyes of whoever walks in and can take plenty of wear and tear. It’s functional and stylish, serving as a centerpiece of your room as it operates as a decorative and functional element.

At Midland Metal Products, we’re committed to creating only the first custom metal coffee tables designed to last. Tell our craftsmen your specifications and you’ll soon have the custom metal coffee table of your dreams in your home.

Metal Platform Bed

Platform beds are all the rage and something people want to adopt into their bedrooms. But did you know you can also have metal platform bed frames? Our craftsmen have experience in creating metal platforms beds of any size — a single bed for the children or a queen platform bed frame in your room for you to sink into after a hard day at work.

A metal platform bed frame is perfect as it’s higher, meaning you can put storage underneath. They look modern regardless of your customization needs, along with being stylish, strong, and durable. People tend to choose metal platform bed frames over wood as wood needs replacing often because it can wear out.

If you want something striking, modern, and new, talk to us today about creating a metal platform bed bespoke to you.

Custom Metal Patio Furniture

You don’t need to limit your custom metal furniture to the indoors. Why not take the metal outside in the form of custom metal patio furniture, too? Iron outdoor sofas, metal patio loveseats, and outdoor sofa frames can all come in metal form without the risk of them being scattered into neighboring gardens when it becomes breezy.

The craftsmen at Midland Metal Products will work with you to create ideal, weatherproof metal patio furniture that’s durable while looking modern and in style. Neighbors will watch in envy as you relax on your metal patio furniture, relaxing in class.

You can also add cushions into the seats and switch up the designs without ever compromising on quality.

Metal Chaise Lounges

This might raise a few eyebrows with furniture enthusiasts, but yes, you can have your very own metal chaise lounge when you buy from Midland Metal products. A metal variation of a chaise lounge is arguably more attractive than other materials, such as wood and fabrics. Decorative metalwork in itself is an art and something our craftsmen take great pride in.

A metal chaise lounge also looks stylish and traditional, depending on how you’ll style it. You can continue to customize regularly by changing the display with patterned cushions and toppers.

Metal Bookcases and Open Shelving

When trying to make your home or business look more modern, don’t ruin the aesthetic by settling with wooden bookcases and shelving. Metal bookcases are versatile and designed to look traditional, modern, and also contemporary. What’s fantastic about a metal bookcase are its focal points, the open side frames, and shelving.

All of our metal bookcases include precise workmanship from our craftsmen, ensuring your home benefits from a contemporary design and versatility. The best part? You can customize your metal bookcase to whatever suits you. The size. The angles. The robust shelving system. The shelf shapes. It’s all in your control.

Metal bookcases are the go-to not just for the design aspect but also as they can take more weight, so you can add more to the shelves — perfect if you have trinkets you want to show off to guests to really display the character of your home.

Modular, robust shelving system with rectangular shelf spaces and open metal side frames. Heavy books, weighty file folders, and beautiful decorative objects now have their perfect space.

Contact Midland Metal Products for a Quote

When you choose to purchase your home or office’s custom metal furniture with Midland Metal Products, you get more than just high-quality pieces. You also benefit from cheaper costs than the competitors. Our innovative technology and automation allow us to continue offering custom metal furniture at competitive rates without sacrificing the quality of our products.

We also pride ourselves on on-time performance and on-time delivery, so you won’t wait unreasonably long times to receive your personalized furniture. We guarantee completed projects on time, every time.

Our team doesn’t shy away from change. We continue to adapt our processes to benefit manufacturing and design. While we constantly work on custom designs, we also keep up with the latest innovations in metal products, so you always benefit from the latest in modern, efficient pieces.

If you want to find out more about our products, processes, discuss your requirements, or even get a free quote contact us today!

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